Granola Superfood Collagen Bites

(Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free | Paleo-Friendly) I’ve heard a lot about collagen, but hadn’t properly tried it for myself until about a month ago. I love food and tend to not always be very well connected with my body –AKA I eat when I’m not actually hungry. So, I started using collagen, in part, to see if it would help me be more in tune with my body’s needs. I use one scoop a day in my oats, coffee or whatever and really do find that it helps me stay better connected with my hunger! Win! These little bites are awesome pick-me-ups for any afternoon energy slumps (that I get everyday). They’re especially good with a cup of coffee… Continue reading

Veggie Skillet Lasagne

(Vegetarian) Pasta isn’t normally my go-to. As much as I enjoy it, I usually prefer to eat carbs that will give me more fuel and energy. This week, however, I was packing to move house and had some lasagne noodles that needed to be used from my cupboard-cleaning process. The only trick was that I had definitely already packed my casserole dishes that would normally house a lasagne. But, I hadn’t packed my cast iron skillet yet…so, skillet lasagne it is! Continue reading