5 Top Tips to Thrive in Hamar, Norway

Hamar is a charming Norwegian city that sits on the banks of Mjøsa, Norway’s largest lake. With my brother and his family living nearby, this was not my first trip to the sweet little city. I always leave Norway feeling refreshed with boosted wellbeing so on this trip I paid special attention to why this area of the world makes me feel fantastic –so I could share with you! Continue reading

Buffalo Vegan Meatballs

(Gluten-Free, Vegan | Paleo-Friendly) Summer is BBQ time…AKA the best time! I absolutely love the combination of being outside and eating delicious food, which is probably why two of my favourite things are picnics and BBQs. Many of my vegetarian friends, however, tend to get a bit forgotten in the BBQ meat fest and end up eating basic veggie burgers. With this recipe, though, you’ll be able to wow your veggie and meat-eating friends alike with vegan meatballs that include another one of my fav things…buffalo sauce! Continue reading