About Me


Paris, France | Photo by Hillary Fox

I’m Julia. I love peanut butter and bicycles. PB (which I get weak at the knees for) represents my serious love for food and bicycles my need/passion to move…because life really is all about balance!

I’m passionate about connecting with people, traveling, playing outside, and eating real, delicious food that nourishes me. When these things are in my life, I thrive.

I believe that wellness is for everyone. You don’t have to run marathons or constantly eat kale to be healthy (as much as I love that green goodness). We’re all on different paths that shouldn’t be compared or judged. When it comes to my own wellness, I’ve discovered that eating food that makes me feel good, staying active, traveling and connecting with people I love are key ingredients to my own happiness…so I strive to make time for these things. I eat a lot of vegetables because we are in a great relationship, but I’m not a vegetarian. I get the majority of my produce from the fabulous veg box company Kent Veg Box, which delivers seasonal goodies straight to my doorstep weekly. I’ve found that eating foods with low gluten/dairy/refined sugar makes my body feel happier so I tend to make paleo-ish recipes. However, I’m not some super-healthy, triathlon-running god…I’m just a normal human who wants to get the most out of the amazingness that life has to offer!

I define my own wellness as a learning journey to figuring out what makes me thrive and getting more of that in my life with balance. All I want for you is to find your throne (thrive zone) and own it! I hope my journey helps in your own to finding what makes you thrive and getting more of that good stuff in your life 🙂

Wishing you wellness,

Julia xxx

PS. Here’s me with the cutest puppy ever. Because who doesn’t like cute, cuddly puppies?

Julia Haas of Peanut Butter & Bicycles